13 Mar '18

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

Yeah. What it means is I am craving some serious comfort food in the form of a baked shepherd’s pie- only my version is vegan and brimming with fresh vegetables. Forget the meat. And forget the lentils (so 1970’s). 

And fake meat- er, I mean, highly processed soy protein or vital wheat gluten? 

I don’t think so. 

Seitan is evil.

That’s why they call it seitan.

No, my shepherd’s pie has to satisfy not only my potato comfort craving, but my hankering for vegetables, spice and flavor. You know what that means. I live lived in New Mexico after all. It’s gotta have some green chile in it. It’s gotta have a little heat. Comfort food – for this gluten-free goddess, anyway- has got to have a little kick. Something to stir the taste buds awake after a long winter.

Bland is so, well, yesterday.


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